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Thoughtful thoughts from a passionate, outspoken introvert.

If we haven't met just yet, my name is Danielle and I am so glad that you are here. 

Some of you may have followed me over here from my previous and short-lived beauty blog, and while it may have been a fun and creative project, it never felt quite right. Putting myself in that box immediately felt restrictive and quite frankly, it felt shallow. I didn't like thinking that others would see that as my greatest interest. It was not who I was - It was simply one of the things that brought me joy, and yet it always left me feeling like I had so much more to say and nowhere to say it.

When I care, I care deeply but I am introverted (by nature or nurture, I'm not quite sure yet). I think depending on who you talk to, some may think of me as quiet and reserved, some may think of me as outspoken and ambitious. I think I typically know my audience and have learned that not everyone is looking for my opinion (and yes, I may have learned that one the hard way).

I perpetually find myself on the receiving end of the sentence: "I appreciate your candor." (This exact sentence has been spoken to me at 3 separate, but equally pivotal moments in my life. More to come on those later). This sentence has driven me to make life-changing decisions and to follow my heart. When reflecting on it once again, it was another pivotal moment where I realized I can create a space for myself, my passions (and yes, my opinions too); A space that can be sought out, but never imposed upon anyone who does not wish to see it.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I so appreciate you taking the time to read it. Whether I am talking about my favorite books and shows, relationships, politics, religion or recipes, I promise to always provide my candor with care.



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